DMS is a complete solution to manage Forex and Equity derivatives products. The way it was developed makes it very flexible so it takes a short time to incorporate new products to the platform.

DMS contains a big list of Forex and Equity derivative products (asian options, barrier options, variance swaps…). We give you also the oppurtunity to customize new products depending on your needs.

DMS computes the market risk profile (sensitivities, Value At Risk…)for each one of the products proposed by the pricer.

DMS manages the credit risk or the counterparty risk (EPE, ENE and CVA) of all the financial products contained in the platform as well.

DMS contains the bookmark screen that helps the user to get an overview of the global status of all the financial transactions booked in the system. On the other hand, a filter is proposed in this screen that could be used to price and get the P&L for structured products.

If you are interested by the DMS software, please send us a message and we will answer as soon as possible.